TAG expression runs in the emulator but not on watch

I have made a TAG expression (as text) consisting of 1,492 characters (without spaces, 1,873 with spaces). It converts [MIN] into a string with 59 nested ternary operations. The TAG expression runs fine in the emulator. On the watch it gives “false” as a result. Is there a maximum number of characters or nested ternary operations that can be included in a TAG expression? Any one any idea what else could be wrong?

You can report this as a bug report in the Samsung Developer Dashboard I know there are other complex operations that work on the emulator but not on the watch. I’d assume it is memory allocation.

Samsung Developer Relations

OK. It is reported under # 42552. Hope to hear soon.

Got a reply from the Developer Program Team confirming the issue. I will be informed on any updates on this.