Please allow to change preferred languages

Hi guys who are developing Samsung Internet.

Your browser is really good except that it does not allow users to change the preferred languages, that makes some websites display in a wrong language. All other browsers support this but this one.

Please make this happen.
Thank you!


Thank you very much for your feedback. In this forum, we try to support web developers with their technical queries about Samsung Internet.

Since you have usability feedback you will be able to find better and faster support at Samsung Support or in the Samsung Members app on your Samsung mobile device.

Best Regards,
Samiul Hossain
Samsung Developer Program

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Hi @samiul.h

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I once sent my feedback using the Samsung Internet browser a long long time ago but no change has been made so far.
So I do this one more time here and wish that a developer of Samsung Internet would agree with this issue and make it happen. If you could help forward this thread to the right person who takes responsibility for this, it would be very appreciated.

Hello Trmdi,

Samiul is correct in how to report this request. The Samsung Internet developer team used to check this forum ever week or two.

However the Samsung Internet team is transitioning and I don’t have a contact right now. I’ll bookmark this for 2 weeks and if no one from the Samsung Internet Team has responded I can forward it on.

Samsung Developer Relations



Thank you for your repIy. Hopefully you could forward this issue to the right department.


Last reminder before I stop hoping on this issue and logging out of this page.

You need to submit end product feature request and issues using the Samsung members app. My contact with Samsung Internet has changed jobs.

Samsung Developer Relations