Png animation fps?

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I am having trouble timing a .png animation cycle to play in sync with the time. I have a very simple idea, which, in it’s most basic form, is to have one small square appear every second (or minute, or hour…making a minimal pixel art style face). I have a .png image cycle made, but how do I time it in WFS so every frame of the image cycle (1 square added each frame) plays every second (or min, or hour)? I can get the animation to play, but it does not play in time with the clock. Or is there a standard fps for these animations that I can account for when I make my image cycle?

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to make sure, do you want to show one frame every second (or minute…), or to play whole sequence each second?

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Play one frame per second (or minute/hour) would be ideal. For example, the seconds animation has 60 frames, with each frame showing an additional square added. I want one frame to play each second, then restart when the animation is complete

Just use a [SEC] [MIN} or [HOUR_1_12] or[ HOUR_1_24] Tag expression on opacity to show or hide the image. If you want something like a moving hand you can rotate a second image with ([SEC] *6) as a tag around a watch face.

The animation is 15 frames per second and it has trigger value for every second minute or hour if you need the animation.

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You can add each frame as separate image and set it to show up with expressions in the opacity as Ron mentioned above, or you can set it visible for desired time on timeline and make that line loop.

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Thanks so much, I will try it out