Animation Sync/Speed issue

I have an animation with exact 15 small images. They should play/loop 60 times in a minute.
In GWS ist works flawlessly. You can see how sync it is to the digital “seconds”.

In f**king WFS that exact same animation is played 76 (!!!) times per minute. So WTF???
How can i fix this bc the animation has to be in sync with the seconds to look good.

When i convert the GWD file, it also works in sync. But when i do the same animation from scratch in WFS the animation is played way tooooo fast. :man_facepalming:


I know there are some issues with WFS animation that are to be improved in the next release of WFS but I don’t know if this is an known issue. I don’t have a timeline for the next release but expect sometime in the first quarter of 2022.

I’m assuming this is on the Watch and not in the Preview window. The Preview is not a WYSIWYG window.

I looked in the support database and did not see any issue of not animating the right frames per second. My suggestion is to have a simple project that demonstrates the issue and upload it to Developer Support to see if they can duplicate it and send it to the WFS Team.

Samsung Developer Relations