Pogo Pin/Power Flux Causes Mobile App to Reset

Our solution uses ActivePro Tablets set in cradles where the tablets charge using pogo pins.

Here is a video to demonstrate.

We begin on the “Stop Check” page within our application and at 12 seconds into the video, we place the ActivePro tablet device (8") into the cradle such that the device connects to the pogo pins, you will see the application reset out to the dashboard which interrupts the user experience.

Cradle example https://www.proclipusa.com/products/736149-vehicle-cradle-key-lock-usb-port-and-hard-wired-power-supply-for-samsung-galaxy-tab-active-pro

We need the application to stay exactly where it is when there is a power connect or disconnect. Any help you may offer is appreciated.

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Hello Christopher,

Does the app reset issue only occur on the application you are developing or did you notice the issue on other applications as well?

Best Regards,
Mobassir Ahsan
Samsung Developer Relations

Great question which prompted some testing on my side:

Android Apps Walkmeter (random exercise app) - no issue Google Calendar - no issue Amazon Prime Video - no issue Websites Copper CRM Web - caused site to crash ESPN.com - no issue Wikipedia - no issue www.unitegps.com - no issue Amazon Prime Website - no issue Batchgeo - no issue.

So then I made a video where I went to our website using the android application, and by the way, our web version of the application is getting exactly the same result as the android apk version when it comes to this issue, I tested our android apk version by causing power, fluctuations and captured in the video you will see the slight image of a circle in the middle of the screen, and then you’ll see the application reset.

But this seems to only apply to our application for some reason. With all these other examples you don’t see that circle come up and you don’t see the reset.

In the following video, you will see me, pull up our application and navigate to a screen with a map. I then cause a power fluctuation which causes the map screen to go away and our solution returns to the user dashboard page. Next, I visit several websites and you won’t be able to tell (because nothing changes on the scree), but I am doing several power fluctuations on each of these websites and the device doesn’t even flinch.

We happen to use a CRM called Copper, I login to the web version and cause a power fluctuation and you will see that application reset in a way similar to our application.

I’m feeling like this might have something to do with the device recognizing when power is added. When you plug the device in a circle appears in the center of the screen, along with the percentage of battery strength. If I’m causing a power fluctuation by plugging the device in using the USB, the circle appears along with the strength, and our application does not reset. However, if I caused the power flexion by plugging in a device to the USB, that is drawing power, I see an image of that circle for half a second and then our application resets.

Thank you all for your thoughts and ideas on this!