Possible to load/read face from GW5 with WFS?

Is it possible to load a watch face with WFS? With the trouble with WFS 1.3.12 loading, I uninstalled the program without saving a watch face I created. I would like to edit the watch face without having to recreate from scratch.

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Welcome @a4wanman . Sadly there is no Autosave . Did you not hit save once ? On your new WFS go to open Project and navigate to the Watch Face Studio Folder in your Personal Data on your PC .
Did you save other tests ? Do you know where they are saved ? You will be surprised how soon you rebuild it . Good Practice . :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the response. I have just started playing with WFS. I bought my GW5 two weeks ago. Fortunately, the watch face files did not delete when I uninstalled WFS so I’m good to go.

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I am so please . It is difficult when you lose early work . Enjoy your new Watch and All consuming Hobby / Job . Good luck with the latter and good luck with the former .

When you install WFS it asks you to select a Workspace folder default is C:\Users\USERNAME\WatchFaceStudio folder It is a good habit to back this up on a regular basis just to be safe especially if you are a seller.

Like Russell said welcome to the Watch Face Designing club, you’ll be surprised how fun it can be.

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