PP key (Play/Pause) not working

While playing a video I could not Play/Pause using the PP key on Samsung TV. I used the key code “10252” for the PP key. Also, I tried checking whether I have implemented the correct key code for PP key by showing the alert message on the TV screen using the “keydown” event listener for every key pressed on the smart TV remote.

When I pressed the left, up, right, down and OK keys, I got their respective key codes 37, 38, 39, 40 and 13. But, when I pressed the PP key I could not see any key code and instead I could see only a sample remote image with a message on the bottom of the screen saying “To select the buttons above, say a button name while pressing and holding the :studio_microphone: button”.

In the play/pause function which I have written, I replaced the PP key code “10252” with “40” and tested the play/pause action by pressing the down arrow while playing the video and it worked perfectly. Kindly suggest me how to play/pause using the PP key.

Samsung TV Model: UA49RU7100KXXL

Since no one was able to help you, I suggest you ask this question in The Smart TV Seller Office Q&A they like to do their support through that channel.

Samsung Developer Relations