Preview stabilization

At first, thanks for read my topic :slight_smile:

So, my topic is about preview stabilization in galaxy. The application I’m developing now is about using concurrent camera(front + rear) and publish camera preview via websocket to server.

I want to apply preview stabilization in my application to see more stabilized preview and want to send stabilized frames to server. I found that over android’s 13 version, developers can configure preview stabilization by using “setPreviewStabilizationEnabled(true)” in CameraX library.

I also check that does my phone support preview stabilization. But now the problem occurred. Although my phone and devices are S21 and S22, they didn’t support preview stabilization. And this is why i want to ask about this phenomenon.

Additionally, when I test my application with z flip 5, it supports preview stabilization but doesn’t support concurrent camera :frowning:

So, In one word, my question is “My phones(galaxy s21, s22) downloaded latest android version(14) but I don’t know why it doesn’t support preview stabilization.”

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Hello snochoi,

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The issue you are describing needs further investigation from our development team. So I would request you to create a ticket at the following link:
Support | Dashboard (

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