Progressbar range

I would like to have 3 progressbar (battery) one over each other. the range of the first one is 0 to 20, second 21 to 80 et third 81 to 100.

so i put in color % the formula [BATT_PER] <=20? 100: 0 for a red color

the on second i put ([BATT_PER] >20) * ([BATT_PER] <=80) ? 100: 0 for white
and the last one going to be [BATT_PER] >81? 100: 0 for green.

the problem is that the red disapear when progressbar 2 (20 to80) appear

i want something like red white and green, and when the battery goes down, green disapear, then white to finish with red.

so on 100% battery, the 3 color are visible.

How can i do that ? if it is possible of courseā€¦ :thinking:

Hello, sure is it possible.
Just do not let them disappear with the opacity (keep it 100%), but limit how far they grow.
set the value like 0+ [BATT_PER] for a green background one
80+ -(80-[BATT_PER])*([BATT_PER]<80) for the middle one (its bgr opacity set to 0)
20+ -(20-[BATT_PER])*([BATT_PER]<20) for the top red one (its bgr opacity set to 0)

Wow! nice, you are brillant. Thank you so much Peter :grinning: