Publishing Error:

I uploaded app bundles (companion app for phone and Wear OS app) for my new watch face in Google Play Store. When I proceeded to publish the watch face, there was an Error warning for the app that was built using Watch Face Studio software:




APKs and bundles must not require the following features:

It seems that I should remove this in the manifest of Watch Face Studio, but I guess I can’t do that.

Please can Samsung team have a look into this problem ?


When you upload an app to the Google Play Store, you must separately upload a dummy app for mobile phone and a bundled app for watch.

Register the dummy app as usual, and register the watch face app after changing the form factor to wearOS to register normally.

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Thank you for the reply. It’s all good now. I was not aware of the new change in Google Play Console’s production page. Before, I just upload two apps together with no problem.

So, now when I upload the phone app I have to choose “Phones, tablets, chrome os” under the “create new release” drop down menu, and then upload the phone app.

Then when I upload the WearOS app I have to choose “Wear OS” in that drop down menu of the “create new release”.

Now I realize the other day because I wasn’t aware of this dropdown menu, I made a mistake by uploading the 2 apps under the “phone, tablet, chrome os” section.

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