Problems submitting watch face through Google Console

I have submitted my watch face through the Google Console but I was not sure about the last step of uploading the .app bundle. It looks like there are 2 options to upload the .app bundle: under ‘Production’ and under ‘Setup | Advanced Settings > Form Factor Wear OS’

I followed the directions from MAWATCHES but if I upload the .app bundle under ‘Setup | Advanced Settings > Form Factor > Wear OS’ but then it looks like this starts an internal review track which MAWATCHES said one should avoid.

So I uploaded the .app bundle under "Production’ directly which worked but I don’t see see the text “under review” in the information. Under the Production > Releases it says ’ Inactive
Draft release’.

Could someone who successfully submitted please help so that I can get this one sorted out. Any help is very much appreciated!

How Watch Face Apps are uploaded to Play Store changed last month

Here is a thread that I believe will guide you on how to submit it.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thanks a zillion, Ron - your help and info is always very much appreciated!