PWAs default to mobile

For some reason, when I install PWAs in Desktop mode, the pwa switches to mobile outside the browser.

This is especially bad since many PWAs don’t work on mobile. A good example of this is Google Cloud Shell, which works in Samsung Internet but not standalone.

Am I missing a setting here?

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Hello Esperkin39,

Thank you for reaching Samsung Developer Technical Support.

Can you please create a 1:1 support request at Support Request | Samsung Developers? It will help us provide more dedicated help.

Samiul Hossain
Samsung Developer Relations

What’s the state of this? Was a bug filed? Do you need more feedback to undertand the issue?

I filed a report, but the issue persists. I think the intent is that web apps are only “desktop-class” in Dex mode, but I think that’s a little misguided.

I have changed and forced samsung browser to always display desktop regardless of Dex. The issue persists in any mode. In Dex saving a web app as a PWA and reopening it in Dex will defaults to mobile as well anyway.