Raspberry Pi as a reference device

I wanted to be sure I understood the purpose of Raspberry PI as a Tizen OS reference device. I am interested in looking at features across Samsung’s products that use the Tizen OS and because this encompasses many products, configurations and features, is the purpose of the Raspberry PI as a reference device to be able to demonstrate the features across all Samsung TizenOS-based devices? What are the limitations of the Raspberry Pi as a reference device in terms of representative features and product types?

I do not know of any use for Raspberry Pi for Tizen OS Devices. I don’t know much if anything about Raspbery Pi but it appears that Rasplan is the system OS.

If you can explain more about what you want I can help you better or direct you to where to get help.

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As I saw a while ago, there is a Docker image with TizenRT. Maybe this could be a good starting point. As an alternative to TizenRT under Raspberry -> Docker under Raspbian (or Ubuntu server). But I never tested it, just saw it.

Maybe this is more for another forum on Tizen IoT, but I’m not sure where that is, but I’m referring to the Tizen IoT page at https://docs.tizen.org/iot/get-started/overview/ where it says, “Raspberry Pi 3 is supported as the official reference hardware”.

It appears that developers that want to try out the Tizen IoT Extension SDK but do not have a Samsung smart TV, smartphone, smartwatch, or smart home appliance could use the procedures on this page to download an IoT implementation of Tizen onto the Raspberry PI to develop an application for the mobile, wearable or TV profile.

So, I’ve followed the procedures on this page and downloaded Tizen onto a Raspberry Pi 3 and I talk to it through a USB-to-serial (PL2303) connection from my host computer. What I wanted to understand is, if I developed a Watch-IoT app, what could I expect to have to change to get it to run on an actual watch? Also, what might be different in the underlying storage locations for the watch’s data? Basically, what’s the same and what’s different between the development platform and target device?

Thanks dmw.

I understand now Raspberry Pi replaced Artik. This is a bit above my knowledge but I will ask our resident Tizen Expert if he can assist you. It may take a few hours or days to get a response.

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That would help me a lot, thanks Ron!

Hi, I’m chiming in due to Ron’s request here.

For reference I do not have a lot of experience with running Tizen on a Raspberry Pi device, this is mostly pieced together through reading the documentation. I’ve actually ordered a Pi to play around with so in a few weeks I should be able to give a more accurate answer, this is mostly guesswork from my end.

My expectation is that while it is possible to transfer a codebase between device platforms, a LOT of edits will need to be made to account for differences in UI, sensor access, etc. Especially in the context of wearable apps, where a lot of the code is typically built around accessing wearable-specific sensors and interpreting that data into a UI, which isn’t really possible on the IoT platform.

The use case of the application also matters a lot here, if you could give more detail on the type of application you are trying to implement I can give some more specific guidance on what could transfer between platforms, it’s a difficult question to answer in general terms.

If the end goal is to create a wearable app, I’d suggest developing on an emulator instead of the Raspberry Pi, there’s a few cases an emulator can’t fully cover but it will be a much easier transfer if you do eventually get your hands on a watch.

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Thanks, Cristian, there’s no doubt that RPi has a lot of hardware/sensor differences. I’m more interested in various use cases for using RPi in this way. For instance, I found one presentation that provides a use case, “Rapid IoT Prototyping with Tizen on Raspberry Pi”, given at the TIZEN Developer Conference 2017 (https://swoogo.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/48577-593177bd26c81.pdf). I’ll continue looking for use cases like this to see how the RPi is being used as a reference device.

Here’s another source on the purpose of Raspberry Pi:

Here are some images of Tizen 5.5M3 for Rpi 3: tizen.org/releases

I have not tested it, but hope this helps you

Any good git hubs for tizen that you can reccomend? Love this thread thanks all