Reccomended SD card classes for Galaxy S20+ internal storage format

Greetings! I’m having a heck of a time finding information on this, and was referred here to seek technical advice from those who know!

I’m purchasing 2 Galaxy S20+ and intend to get an SD card for use as expandable internal storage. Doing research on SD speed classes ( Speed Class | SD Association ) It looks like the best fit for the S20+ would be something with a V60 rating, but upon review of the “specs” it states “sequential read/write speeds up to 3,500/3,300 MB/s” which of course blows any sd class out of the water. I know sequential speeds are like highway MPG in cars, but still.

Does anyone know how much of an impact getting a V30 or V90 would be on write speeds when recording video at 4k? Or just in general? Are there any hard numbers on lag in milliseconds/seconds?

Does anyone have any data on bottlenecking when recording at high resolutions in terms of formatted internal storage cards?

Thank you in advance for any assistance or resources that might be shared!

I think you will get better suggestion from Samsung US Community for this topic than here.

Sadly I’ve tried. No one over there has detailed knowledge on specific spec stuff and is largely driven by users who need help, rather than info on how the device actually functions. Benchmarking is largely a developer driven information field, especially with a query like this. Another way to ask my query would be to address how the software writes to external storage, or if it even classifies reformatted SD cards as external storage after the format…
I do give you thanks for the suggestion, however.

(I had actually made an identical topic in the regular user forums here: Topic but as you can see the replies are sporadic and unfocused. There is one user who was relevant, but, alas, seem lacking in hard evidence.)