Recording at framerates higher than 240 FPS with the Galaxy Z Flip5


I’m trying to record a slowmo video using the camera2 package. We bought the Galaxy Z Flip5 because it was promised to record at up to 960 FPS.

However, when enumerating the cameras using CameraManager, iterating through cameraIdList, getting characteristics = cameraManager.getCameraCharacteristics(cameraId), and then cameraConfig = characteristics.get(CameraCharacteristics.SCALER_STREAM_CONFIGURATION_MAP), iterating over cameraConfig.highSpeedVideoSizes and cameraConfig.getHighSpeedVideoFpsRangesFor(size), the highest FPS I’m getting is 240.

Recording at 240 FPS using createHighSpeedRequestList and setRepeatingBurst works, but setting any higher FPS, e.g.
captureRequestBuilder.set(CaptureRequest.CONTROL_AE_TARGET_FPS_RANGE, Range(960, 960))
results in an error:

IllegalArgumentException: Fps range [960, 960] in the request is not a supported high speed FPS range [[120, 120], [240, 240], [30, 120], [30, 240]]

I heard there’s a Samsung Camera SDK, but it seems to be directed more towards (night) photography and also I couldn’t find any download links.

How can I record at a higher framerate than 240 FPS?

Hello artifactz,
60 or higher FPS recording is not supported on Samsung devices officially due to the thermal protection and power consumption.

Hence, Galaxy series devices expose FPS range only up to 30 via CameraCharacteristics#CONTROL_AE_AVAILABLE_TARGET_FPS_RANGES. Also currently there is no plan to support it via Camera2 API.

Best Regards,
Samsung Developer Program Team