Regarding saved webpages

I, though a long time fan of Mozilla, have totally shifted to samsung internet ever since I have started using my smartphone for internet access. The dark mode is fabulous!

My question is: How do I access the webpages I’ve saved in sam internet?

The pages are saved in a folder that is accessible only with root access (which I don’t have). I need to export the htm pages or copy them to my computer so I can work on them there.

Sharing the saved webpage only seems to copy the link to Samsung notes and not the contents.

Help is appreciated, I’d hate to have to shift to chrome only because of this.

Hello Elfhealer, Congratulations on your first post on Samsung Developers Forum, Welcome to the Community !!!

We looked into your query and had a communication with the ‘Samsung Internet’ team in this regard. The contents of saved pages are stored on the app data directory. So it won’t be accessible via file explorer applications or tools. Sorry for the inconvenience.