Relational operators not working with timezone tag [TMZN_OFS]

Suppose the timezone is -3

when I try the below expression, it works fine


But it fails with

(([TMZN_OFS])<3) and (([TMZN_OFS])<=3) etc…



And also, if the timezone is -3:30, then non of the Relational operators work!

Is there a way to get them working?

I want to know which timezone it is and show a map in the background. But it’s not possible without knowing the timezone…

The [TMZN_OFS] tag returns a text like -3 or +9. This is not a number.

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Hello! Wrap the tag in a function and the text becomes a number. And then you can use it. I did this floor([TMZN_OFS])==+11 and everything works.

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It’s not working for the following formats -3:30.
Do you know if its possible to format it with numberFormat()
I am trying it right now. If you have already used it, that could be helpful

Edit:- No, it’s still not working. Its because of the input being a string and not a number.

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I just didn’t use the -3:30 format. If you find a solution for such a time zone value, then write the answer here. I will be grateful to you.

I asked for it to be added as a future update, but I don’t think they are gonna do it.

Right now I am comparing as string. But if there was an option for number, I could reduce the use of tags by a lot.
Now I am using like this and have to compare for each timeline…

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