Time zone issue

Switching the time zone for digital or analogue time is not working. Always displaying the local time zone. is there any solution?

Sorry for the late response. The development team is investigating this now.
Thank you for your report.

I don’t know if this is the same issue, but I thought it might be useful to provide additional information from what I’m seeing on my watchface…

Within WFS I have a Timezone text field driven by tag expressions - the text field is set to “[TMZN_ABB][TMZN_OFS]”

As I live in the UK, I expected the Timezone displayed on the watch to be “GMT+1”, as we are currently operating under daylight saving time, however…

The preview window in WFS shows “GMT-0”
The watch (GW4 Classic) shows “GMT+0”

any helpful comments appreciated. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something?