Remote test LAB for Galaxy Watch with Tizen

I going to sell my Galaxy Watch 3 Classic.
But, I use this watch to test my watch faces.
I’m traying to use Remote test LAB to test watch faces for Tizen, but the remote test lab is not working!!
Always it showing the message “connecting…(1)”
:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :unamused:

I believe Galaxy Watch is only available in Korea and I don’t see Galaxy Watch3 available at all. I would assume that the connection to Korea is too slow for Beta Testing if you are in the Americas.

You should test in the Tizen Studio emulator for your app and if you know someone with a Galaxy Watch3 you can use the seller portal for beta testing (it does not require review) have that user test for you.

If you are GWS user the only real option is your own watch and Store Beta Testing.

Samsung Developer Relations