Galaxy Watch 3 target device in GWD

Hi all,

It’s there any option to run the watchface in the emulator with Galaxy Watch 3 as target device? I have the 2.0.0 beta version for Windows of GWD.

I want to know what is the issue with my watchface running in Galaxy Watch 3 that a user report me, and I don’t have this device model to test in a real device.

I have a lot of downloads and this is the first issue reported and I want to know if it’s a problem with the new devices or only with the user’s one.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @christianahijado,
I had hoped that Samsung Remote Test Lab would have a watch 3 but unfortunately there are only Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3.

Therefore, I would recommend you to submit a support ticket to the Developer Support team with details of the report. They must have a watch 3 to test the issue on and will assist you accordingly. Try to collect screenshots of the issue and attach them while submitting the ticket.