How to run Samsung Galaxay S20 FE DeX on two monitors?

How do I set up my desk to run DeX on my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE exclusively using two monitors & I don’t want to use the phone screen as a “monitor”. I would like to disenfranchise my current system from Windows 10 Professional and utilize DeX exclusively for my day to day work, which requires the utilization of two monitors.

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I am using the same phone and a dell docking station with two monitor.

The scond monitor is only mirroring the first one. as far I can tell Samsung DeX only support 1 monitor.

I really do hope that Samsung DeX will suport dual monitor setup.

I am currently using DeX to replace my laptop, I only use that now


The best way is to use the phone screen as the second monitor. Then you would notice that this way is actually more productive.

Using your phone screen as a second independent display is far inferior to a second monitor. With a second monitor you can drag full size content between displays. Critical when you are trying to be productive.

The processing power would be more than enough to achieve this when connected to a powered dock and it would literally eliminate the need for laptops for a lot of people. Maybe this is why Samsung doesn’t want to do it :wink: