requestPermission() shows no permissions when no network


Using simple health demo.

While there is no network, and call

the pop-up window is as following picture.
It does not contain any permission.
Is it a bug of this SDK?
How can I detect this error in the source code?

Thank you.


I don’t know much but I do know you need to use the access code for permission to run the Code examples on your device. Are you doing that?

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello, Ron,
Yes, I did input access code and Client ID, this issue occur always.
And I can reproduce in my published partner app too.
The only reason is network.
You can reproduce this issue always in the following path:
Install partner app (if it’s demo, input client ID and Access code)
→ disconnect network
→ run partner app and request permission of Samsung Health
→ verify the issue.

It seems the Local S Health does not have info about this partner app at the first time if it cannot connect the network.


Can you reproduce this issue?
Could you pls tell me how to detect this error in source code?


If you are a partner you should be able to get help that way when I connect on support it takes me to Samsung Developer Support open a request there and make sure you mention you are a partner.

Unfortunately this is not something I can help with.

Samsung Developer Relations