Cannot access to any permissions for Samsung Health

Samsung Health
I don’t see any permissions in permission request popup

mPermissions = new HashSet<PermissionKey>();
    new PermissionKey(StepCount.HEALTH_DATA_TYPE, PermissionType.READ)
            android:value="" />

Same code works in Samsung example app.

Phone in developer mode. Do I need Samsung Health Partnership status?

Yes and that is temporarily suspended. Create a developer support request and you can be put on a list of people that will be notified when it is again available.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks for reply.
Do you have any estimates when the partnership program will be renewed?
Is it possible to connect to any of the existing partners at least during development?

I don’t have any guesses on when it will restart. Regarding existing partners you’d need to contact support for the Samsung Health team to respond.

Samsung Developer Program