Review Team please use real data

Dear Watch Face Testing Team.
Please use real data such as steps, distance and so on when testing watchfaces.

Today I received a refusal to place a watchface due to a number of reasons, with the second reason for refusal, I completely agree. But the first part baffled me

How can an average person walk almost 680 km per day and take 58 thousand steps and burn 50 thousand kilocalories.

With this approach to testing, any watchfaces can be returned for revision.
I fixed an obvious error with the date display in Portuguese and sent the watchface again, hopefully it will be checked against real data.

And what to do if this situation repeats?

Thank you for understanding

I agree with you the review team can have some weird settings but it is standard for everyone.

The Portuguese abbreviation is known. I think if you select Brazil Portuguese it passes but if you select Portugal Portuguese if fails because someone put the wrong information in the ICU library.

As far as steps they recommend at least 10,000 steps a day which is still 5 digits and KCal allow for 6 digits so you should adjust that too.

Samsung Developer Relations

thanks for the answer, I added the fixes,
What about Distance?

Do you have % KM or %m for your distance setting?


i use km / mile in this watchface

Put a note to reviewer that it is walking distance and make sure that it is documented in your uploaded images.