S Pen Remote sdk on Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite

Hello there!
I’ve recently bought a samsung galaxy tab s6 lite and i wanted to create an app using the spen feature such as the button event.

I saw to see if the feature exist on the mobile i have to test this command:
It returned “false”.

Does the S Pen Remote sdk work with the samsung galaxy tab s6 lite and if not what should i use to connect to the spen ?
Thx in advance.

S Pen Remote SDK supports the following detailed features: Checking if the side button is pressed or released. Identifying motion coordinates. two-dimensional device movement. relative values of the current position from the previous position. a positive value for the x-coordinates means to move right.

I have seen that is support all the features that you listed.
But my real question is : " Is S Pen Remote Sdk suppose to work on a samsung galaxy tab s6 lite device ? "

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I was just trying to use the S Pen sdk on my tablet (tab s6 lite) and i get a log on andriod studio
This device does not support SPen Remote.

So if im missing anything i would like to resolve it.