S22 Ultra is crashing at startup with Vulkan Memory Allocator

More info here, but we’ve been noting that many of the Samsung devices on crashing on Android 14 at startup. We are using NDK 26 which has Vulkan 1.3 support, but are only initializing our device with Vulkan 1.1. I don’t actually have one of these devices for development, but though I would raise the issue. VMA has introduced tests to make sure that the assert doesn’t occur.

if(m_VulkanApiVersion >= VK_MAKE_VERSION(1, 3, 0))
	VMA_ASSERT(m_VulkanFunctions.vkGetDeviceBufferMemoryRequirements != VMA_NULL); <_
         VMA_ASSERT(m_VulkanFunctions.vkGetDeviceImageMemoryRequirements != VMA_NULL);

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