Samsung health complication

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create a facewatch with complications.
I really like the Samsung Health complication, in shape of hearth with the 3 colored progress bars. Is that possible to get this complication in Watch Face Studio ? I tried several complication but the better I was able to get it is just the icon (the colored bars are not progressin, just fixed)

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hello yoanpgr,
Welcome to this forum. You can add the complication as an image by using Monochromatic image. Add a Monochromatic Image complication from Watch Face Studio->deploy the project on your watch->Customize the complication from watch and select the image from the list.

Hi Boshra and thank you for your help.
Unfortunately, monochromatic image doesnโ€™t work.

Better image than long text. This is what I want:

This is what I get with monochromatic image, this is symply an image and not progress bars increasing with my activity:

Thank you

I believe Samsung Health complications are being changed in the next version update of Wear OS. I believe from discussions on the Android site that we can expect this spring.

Until these change your best bet is like Boshra said, use the monochromatic image complication and tap on it to show the actual data.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for the info. I will wait and see, hopefully it will be available in spring.
Do you have any website where it is possible to follow the update?

No the Android Developers site there is a blog Now in Android that often tells what is coming and other things of interest but for Health I think that is pretty much a tight group of developers.

Samsung Developer Relations