Steps Complication Icon Bug

I have two customisable complications on my watch face, which both use the short text complication in watch face studio. When selecting Samsung Health Step Count as the source, the data displays correctly, however the steps icon does not show. I.e. here is how it looks in Studio (with my own default icon):

But when running natively on the watch, the icon does not appear:

All other complications show their icon correctly, it’s only steps which seems to have this bug.

The custom icons like the text and title are exemplars to help you with place and position and will not replace whatever the complication author has selected.

I’d suggest you have your own icon then have a short text for complication with provider set to Health Steps without any icon. Do not make the complication editable.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yeah that’s my dilemma, I could make it fixed to steps and include my own icon, but I want the complication editable and users have said they want this too.

All the other complications provide their own icons, and even steps does too in the preview, but not at runtime, which is what leads me to believe this is a bug.

This is what it looks like in the preview of the wear app customisation options:

As you can see, it does have a shoe icon, however at runtime, the icon is blank.

Steps complication includes text only (ex. Steps). If you want to keep that data, I advise you not to use the complication but the tag and add your own custom icon.

I can duplicate this in both short text and long text complications. I’ll see if I can report it directly to the Samsung Health team. If not I’ll open a bug report.


With the complication next appointment, the icon is also displayed incorrectly. In the WFS, the icon is displayed for short text, but not for long text. On the clock, the icon is displayed weakly for both. On the real clock, the icon is displayed even more weakly.
First image Watchface Studio and second image, screenshot from the watch.

Every other complications have an associated icon, except for Steps from Samsung Health. It seems to me this is something can be fixed on Samsung side.

BTW, the Steps icon shows up in the customization’s select complication menu.

WFS v1.3.8 b