Samsung Internet Android Auto-Fill API

Make the Samsung Internet browser to use the Android Auto-Fill API. I much prefer Samsung Internet over Chrome but not using the Auto-Fill API is preventing me from using Samsung’s Internet since I use a third party password manager. Since Samsung Internet doesn’t use the Android Auto-Fill API, I’m unable to use the password manager with it, which is why I keep reverting back to using Chrome.


I have moved this to the Samsung Internet folder as their team does monitor this forum.

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Thank you for your interest in Samsung Internet!
Could you please share which 3rd party password manager you would like to use with Samsung Internet?
We support a few and will check if we can add support for your choice!

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Hi thank you for your reply and the password manager that I use is called enpass


I would like Dashlane to also be supported. Would be really helpful.

Please consider supporting Google’s own autofill service. I use it because it works so well on both mobile apps and websites on my desktop, and Samsung internet is basically the last holdout that doesn’t support it.

Please also whitelist Firefox lockwise for autofill in Samsung Internet.

However, I quickly ran into a problem that I had never seen complaints about — Samsung Internet did not support Android’s Autofill API at all. Autofill is how login information stored in your Google account automatically appears in native applications. The default autofill provider on most devices is Google, but you can change it to any other supported service from the Settings app (Samsung, for example, has its own).


None of the autofill api works for me google, bitwarden, etc. Bitwarden works but just once if i close my browser and reopen the login page. I need to restart browser always to use with bitwarden

Supposedly according to an article on Android Police only “1Password, LastPass, and Dashlane are supported”.

A bitwarden developer has said on their forum that Samsung seems to discriminate against autofill providers by name, because they were able to get bitwarden to work by changing the package name to a supported autofill provider.

I wonder if Samsung requires fees, the commercial password managers are stupendous moneymakers after all.

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