Add "Keyguard for Bitwarden" to a list of Autofill apps

Keyguard is an alternative client for the Bitwarden® platform, created to provide the best user experience possible.

Currently what happens is that the app doesn’t receive any autofill requests from the Samsung Browser.

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Hello Artemchep,

Can you please provide a few screenshots or videos about the issue occurring? Please show the behavior from another browser as well so that we can compare their behavior.

Best Regards,
Mobassir Ahsan
Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ahsan,

You may check this thread to find out more about the allowlist of apps Samsung browser uses.


What I’m asking for is a documented case of your application’s functionality not working properly on Samsung Internet. So screen recording of the issue occurring on Samsung Internet but working as intended on other browsers such as Chrome will be very helpful.

Mobassir Ahsan
Samsung Developer Relations.


Sorry it took that long for me to record a video. Here’s a link to the video of the issue: (notice that the Autofill suggestions do not pop-up when using Samsung Browser).

To fix it, Samsung Browser’s team should add the package name of the Keyguard app to the allowed list. Currently Keyguard does not receive any Autofill requests from the Samsung Browser, unless I change the package name of the app to something more popular, such as Bitwarden’s or 1Password’s package names.

As can be seen here the package name that I ask you to add is com.artemchep.keyguard


Any updates on this? Please add Keyguard package name to the whitelist of allowed password managers on samsung browser .
It might be actually also be samsung keyboard?
Something on one of these 2 apps doesnt allow for Keyguard to be shown as inline autofill. When we change the package name to a known app (like bitwarden or 1password, it works perfectly)

@Ahsan any updates? It’s been almost 1 year and we still can’t use keyguard on Samsung Browser. It works fine with Brave and Chrome.