Samsung keyboard - dead key support

I’m keyboard layout developer (not whole keyboard like SwiftKey or Samsung keyboard) which are mostly used with HW keyboards to be able to write special characters in languages mostly other than English. I’m using Key character map files (KCM) to create those layouts with this project which will map those layouts to Android OS and those will be able to be picked in system Settings usually for HW keyboard layout.

The problem is that Samsung keyboard is not handling diacritical dead keys at all. For example:
\u0301 ( ́) + \u0075 (u) should produce \u00fa (ú) but now it’s producing just \u0075 (u). Diacritical dead key is registered but output is incorrect.

List of all possible combinations for other characters can also be seen here in Android source code. Diacritical dead key are handled by OS and afaik combinations cannot be custom defined in KCM files. I can only define where diacritical dead key is on the keyboard layout but not combination or output. Issue for this support is created here.

I just want to add that for example SwiftKey keyboard is handling this correctly.
Tested on Android 14, Samsung Keyboard version
Thank you for any help.