Samsung Knox Wi-Fi Policy

Hello all,

I have security policy set up on a device through Knox. I am trying to set up wireless configurations through the Knox WiFiPolicy. Each configuration has an SSID name, a Certificate Authority to accept, a security type, and a credentials value that is either a password or a certificate name.

I have tried to assign these configurations through WiFiPolicy.setWifiProfile that is supposed to add a Wifi Admin Profile. I have also tried just adding a list of SSID names to the network whitelist. Both ways return true when I debug the method, but I have not been able to find the profiles anywhere in the settings of the device.

I’m not sure if I haven’t looked in the right place, or if I am not setting the profile or network whitelist correctly. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts on how I can move forward from here?

Thanks for the help.

Are you facing issues only with Samsung devices?
I do not have much idea regarding this, but you can check this in knox documentation.