Deep Sleep is removing network profile installed by the App ad

In our App we are using Android’ documented standard APIs to
add Network configuration with credentials to OS.

This works well on non Samsung device.
However, On few Samsung devices on Android 11/oneUI3.1 , when user manually /system automatically adds our App to Deep sleep App list under settings , then the network configuration already added by our app is also removed by the OS. this is not expected behavior . Once our App configures the Network configuration on the OS , it should be remain saved in the OS unless user uninstall our App this is as per standard Android document/behavior for the network suggestions added by an App.

This is a big issue for our customer using samsug device as they wont be able to use wifi network which is provisioned via our App.

Any idea how to solve this? or is Samsung team aware of this issue ?

We do not want to give instructions to users to remove app from deep sleep list/ add app to never sleeping app list on Samsung device. this is not a good user experience.

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I hope another developer will be able to help you overcome this or if it is a bug it is fixed in an upcoming update.

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Can you please guide me where to report this issue to expediate the resolution ?

You aren’t going to like the answer and I hate saying it.
Try Developer Support we can accept it but it may not be as efficient as reporting it to your service provider. They have a way to enter bugs directly to the Samsung OneUI development team. The reason is there are so many variants of the OneUI.

Also the Android bug database but often Samsung only items get dismissed there.


Thanks ron for replying.

Is there a way to subscribe for enterprise level support. I have reported this on samsung developper support with all possible details and log.

This issue is always reproducible with all samsung devices running android 11. And devices are not attached to any service provider. So we can’t take service provider route.

Let me know if this issue can be addressed fast if we can somehow get enterprise level support via any subscription. This is almost a blocker issue for our product on samsung devices.


HI Ravi,

You can report it to Developer Support and they can try to get a solution. It is just that they may not have a direct contact like they do for tools and SDKs.

Good Luck,

Samsung Developer Relations