Samsung Music and Audio Session

Hello Samsung developers,
I am working on audio equalizer app that relies on audio session and some of tests show us that samsung music app isnt opening or closing sessions correctly when audio playback is paused or stopped and even when switching to background unless you skip to next track which causes to kill the session.
please take a look at this and compare it to current code:
If this intent is not broadcasted, audio effects that were applied to this session stay applied. This causes some effects not to be available to any other audio session and unnecessary consumption of system resources.
Bonus: When fast-forwarding a track without playing music, random sessions that were never opened are still closed
When opening a session, Android expects this intent to be broadcasted:
This intent is also sent when you fast-forward in a track that is currently playing. Whenever a user has audio effects applied, some delay is audible caused by the initialization of these effects on every newly opened session. This could be solved if the same audio session is reused.

thanks in advanced