Any documentation on app-defined lock screens, like Samung Music?

Usually I use Apple Music as my preferred music listening app, but recently noticed the Samsung Music app on my S24.
Having bought a number of songs on Bandcamp, I wanted to use Samsung Music to listen to songs I own as .flac files.
After some time, I turned on my phone to see that Samsung Music is seemingly overriding the lock screen to show most content of Samsung Music app, instead of the usual content of my lock screen.

(Attached screenshot is my lock screen, with Samsung Music actively playing music)

Out of curiosity, I wanted to look into how I can do this with my own apps, but can’t seem to find any documentation regarding apps as lock screens on neither the OneUI docs nor the Android Developers website.

Am I looking in the wrong places, or is this a feature reserved only for first party apps?
Anything helps!

I’d suggest you go to the Galaxy Z developer site and read the documentation and visit the blogs to see if you can do this.

Samsung Developer Community

Thanks for the pointer, and I think I found the trick they were using.

For anyone looking at this forum post and is curious about my solution: on the Android Docs, I found a header for an Urgent Message that will display a full-screen activity, and if programmed to do so, even on the lock screen.

I believe this may be what they’re using, though, obviously what music you’re listening to isn’t much of an “urgent message” and can be considered intrusive. There’s even a warning for it on the Android Docs.