Samsung one UI 2.0 Accessibility issue

Dear Team,

In Android, we are implementing a history feature using recyclerview. Basically, we are trying with the “double tap and hold” accessibility function used for selected and deselected the items. All mobiles are working as we expected. But in Android 10, samsung galaxy s10 one UI 2.0, we are facing the issue with focus. Alway, after selection or deselection focus moved to the top of the page. We are trying with manual focus [ AccessibilityEvent.TYPE_VIEW_FOCUSED ] that also fails. Could you please give suggestions for that issue?

Have you tried on other Android 10 devices with One UI 2.0?

If it exists, then it is a bug of One UI 2.0. If not, then it should be a bug of S10!

You can report bug to samsung directly.

Any link will be there for report a bug to Samsung?

Hi Samsung Dev team,

I have quite the same question that when user is editing a textEdit with screen reader on,
the focus will always focus back to textEdit when I try to make other view components to be read by

This will cause interrupt the talkback on the view I’d like it to talk.

would you please let me know how to make the textEdit not automatically be focus ?