Samsung Partner Application

Good day. We’re presently looking for any information on how to become a Samsung Partner. Unfortunately for us, an API endpoint we need to use for our wearable application is only allowed to be used if we have Partner status. The API endpoint in question is: Tizen Native API: Modem

With this API being rejected, we cannot receive approval to launch our app in the Galaxy Store nor load the application from our Samsung Knox Configure account.

If you’re able to explain what we need to do in order to become a Partner, that would be wonderful.

Apologies if this is already an existing topic. I was not able to find this topic when I ran a search but you never know.

Are you being rejected by the Seller Portal? If so is your wearable application considered a Watch Face or a Watch App.

If it is a watch app (no analog or digital clock and does not replace the standard watch faces) let me know and if it is native or net or web based app.

Samsung Developer Relations