Samsung s22 Behavior

I am a developer and I would LOVE some feedback on why the S20/S22 phones behave this way. I have a page that automatically loads a video and is supposed to size itself into the window before playing. This works fine on other phones (iPhones as well) but the resize function does not work in S20 or S22 phones. I tried the emulators here but they work just fine (they don’t show the problem). Using Chrome. Here is a test page to try. David Guzzone - Digital Business Card

If you click on the video it will close and bring up an image that will resize properly as the video should have. This is pretty much driving me crazy. Any insight would be appreciated. -Gabe

Further info. I tested with a client and it works fine if you bring it up on Chrome. Where it fails is if the user clicks on a link and the default browser is something else. Does anyone know which if the browser that is shipped with this phone?

After doing more research, I discovered that the Samsung phones have their own internet browser called “Samsung Internet Browser” (catchy title). I was able to reproduce the issue in the Remote test lab by installing the browser on the test phone. When I added “max-height: 100%” and “max-width:100%” to the css it fixed the issue. I write this in case others have come across this problem.