Samsung S22 series, Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4 skin size issue

I have a problem with the border of these skins and the camera placement mask.
(Samsung S22 series, Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4)

My Android studio environment.
Android studio version : Dolphin | 2021.3.1 Patch 1 (Build #AI-213.7172.25.2113.9123335)
Settings - Tools - Emulator : ‘Launch in a tool window’ option enabled

My created S22 Hardware skin settings.
Device Type : Phone/Tablet
Screen Size : 6.1 inch
Resolution: 1080 x 2340px
RAM : 1536MB
Has Hardware Buttons (Back/Home/Menu) : unchecked
Has Hardware Keyboard : unchecked
Navigation Style : None
Supported device states : Portrait, Landscape
Cameras : Back-facing camera, Front-facing camera
Sensors : Accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS, Proximity Sensor
Default Skin : Galaxy_S22 (from this link :

I found the cause of a problem.
It occurs because the file in charge of masking the image is small.

‘fore_port.png’ file is masking image in S22 skin package.
S22 display size is 1080x2340. but, S22 fore_port.png file size is 432x936.

So, This issue occur.

Increased the size of the fore_port.png file to 1080x2340.

Can Samsung Design Team change the size of the ‘fore_port’ file to the size of the device display?

The latest version of Samsung Developer Newsletter had an article on Updated Emulator Skins. You might want to see if this was recently fixed.

If not open a Developer Support Request and attach the images to it.

Samsung Developer Relations