Problem with Galaxy S21 Emulator skins

Hello I have a problem with the Galaxy S21 Emulator Skins the mask is diplay bad, have you got this problem ?

I have not seen anyone report this on this discussion board did you follow all the instructions as written HERE?

If you did then please open a support request and explain the issue there.

Thanks for reporting this.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes I follow all the instructions. After some days of use I understand that this problem happens when I’m using the emulator of android studio but not when I’m using the external Android Emulator.

Hello, I have the same issue with Android Studio

I have the same issue when I use Android Studio to Emulator Galaxy S21 skins. And I followed all the instructions above 2 times. The first attempt didn’t work, but the second attempt was surprisingly successful.

Thanks a lot,
Tin Thanh

I had the same problem. I renamed the extension for fore_port image from .png to .webp and resized it to match the device. After that it worked for me. It is possible that the renaming is enough.