Samsung Tab A gyro.attitude laggy in Unity


At our office we have two samsung tablets with gyroscopes. For our AR application created in Unity we use gyro.attitude. One 1 tablet this works great, but on the other the camera is very laggy. It seems the update rate of gyro.attitude is not smooth and as fast on one tablet as on the other. However, it seems that gyro.rotationRate is smooth and fast on both tablets. Using gyro.rotationRate to influence the camera is not optimal though, because of drift.

What could cause the laggy behaviour on the Samsung tab A tablet? We use Unity 2022.3

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Further testing and researching shows that the new Inputs system also has TYPE_ROTATION_VECTOR and TYPE_GAME_ROTATION_VECTOR. The first one in Unity still gives problems and the second one is not yet available in Unity. Any other ideas? We are stuck and have many customers with Samsung Tab A8.