Problems with the Unity Adaptive Performance for Samsung

Hi, I’m developing a game with Unity and I’m implementing support for High and Variable refresh rates, more specifically the automatic detection of refresh rate changes (for example, when turning on and off the Power Saver option) to update the refresh rate options available in game.

I’m currently testing with two devices: the Samsung Galaxy A33 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.
The former doesn’t have Variable Refresh Rate, but supports both 90Hz and 60Hz, while the latter has VRR and supports 48Hz, 60Hz, 96Hz and 120Hz.

To get notified of refresh rate options changes, I use the VariableRefreshRate.Instance.RefreshRateChanged event, where I update the list of refresh rates using the VariableRefreshRate.Instance.SupportedRefreshRates property.

While I don’t have any issues at all on my A33, the Tab S8 has some problems after one or two refresh rate list updates. The SupportedRefreshRates property incorrectly reports only 60Hz when Power Saver is disabled and the complete list (48, 60, 96, 120) when Power Saver is on.

I suppose this is a bug of either the Samsung Adaptive Performance package or the Samsung Game SDK itself. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Hello michelex2005,
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Please create a support request in the Developer Support Portal with more details about the issue so that we can check and track the issue.

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