SAP in Tizen .Net Watch-App

I want to develop an Companion App for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 using Visual Studio.
Up until now I set up the Project following this guide

I integrated the code mentioned on the page into my project and replaced the “/sample/hello” parameter with my own serviceProfile id in

Agent = await Agent.GetAgent("/sample/hello");

But when I run the App, I get the following error for this line.

Samsung.Sap.SapException: .ctor failed.    at Samsung.Sap.Agent..ctor(ProfileInfo profileInfo)    at Samsung.Sap.Agent.GetAgent(String profile, IncomingConnectionCallback onConnect, IncomingFileTransferCallback onFileTransfer, IncomingMessageCallback onMessage)    at tizen_doc2go_4_20.App.<Connect>d__3.MoveNext() in C:\PROJECT_PATH\App.cs:line 38

I can’t find any resources on what I’m doing wrong.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP) API documentation contains some sample applications. They have provided several sample applications on several platforms (web, native, dot net and hybrid).

You can find these applications here.

You can build and analyze these sample applications alongside reading the documentation. This will help you to understand how the whole process works.

I tried the HelloMessage sample Provider(Android)_Consumer(Tizen) to no avail. When I start the app it throws “Segmentation Fault” exception when I click on “Find Peer”. Besides, I cannot debug it. As soon as any classes from Samsung.Sap are added to the code the breakpoints stop working in that part of the code. Also, I had to change the project to make it buildable. It refused to build as is in VS 2019 with Tizen.NET. Where can I find help on that?