Getting error when try to connect Watch to phone: SAP CONNECTION FAILURE PEERAGENT NO RESPONSE

Hello everyone,

I am currently developing a smartwatch app using Tizen .Net in Visual Studio. I want my app to be a companion app so I decided to use SAP, following instructions from this video: Tizen .NET Wearable and Xamarin Android Companion App - YouTube , since it is very important to have my Smartphone app developed with Xamarin.Forms and not in Java natively.

However, although I tried everything to just run the ready-made project downloaded from GitHub I always get the following error on my Watch’s screen when tapping connect button:

I have checked permissions. Smartphone and Watch (Active2) are both Samsung Devices and they are paired with their Bluetooths always on. Other apps installed can communicate with no problem.
I would appreciate any help on this.

You can follow the documentation provided by Samsung. In this documentation, they have created an application and provide guidelines step by step to connect the devices together. Please read this documentation carefully so that you can find the cause of your issue.

Moreover, you can find multiple sample projects on this page.
Galaxy Watch for Tizen | Samsung Developers
Try to deploy any of these applications and try to figure out the best solution for you.
Please let us know if this works for you.