SAP unstable heart rate measurement

Hi, everyone

I tried SAP to exchange HR data between galaxy watch3 and mobile app.
So, I add heart rate API measurement method to the sample code, which Samsung provided for watch development (Accessory Samples).

Then, I met 2 problems :

  1. Very often I got heart rate ‘-10’, but I wore the watch correctly.

  2. The heart rate measuring frequency wasn’t stable. For ex: I ran for a long time, but got low heart rate like below 85 or it haven’t changed for a long time. It’s weird because my watch Home screen display heart rate information like 100 up!!!

The purpose is to monitor heart rate changes in running training. So, I have to record data every 15(s). Hope anyone could give me some tips.

Thank you!!

Would you please try the below code for accuracy?

var counter = 0;
function onchangedCB(hrmInfo) {
console.log('Heart Rate: ’ + hrmInfo.heartRate);
console.log(‘Peak-to-peak interval: ’ + hrmInfo.rRInterval + ’ milliseconds’);

if (counter > 10) {
    /* Stop the sensor after detecting a few changes */

tizen.humanactivitymonitor.start(‘HRM’, onchangedCB);

Please check out this, Human Activity Monitor | Tizen Docs