Heart Rate Variability (R-R Interval) Samsung Galaxy Watch


We are planning to develop an APP that records Heart rate and Heart rate variability (R-R Interval) for Samsung Galaxy Watch. We are unsure if the galaxy watch provides R-R interval and some members on community reported earlier that the Human Activity Monitor API that provides R-R interval is always showing ‘0’ value.

Before purchasing Galaxy watches, we want to confirm if R-R interval can be recorded in Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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Hello var1588084648,
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So far I know, rRinterval value is nonzero since Tizen 4.0.
Would you please check the community reports whether they’re talking about Tizen Version 4.0 or not?

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Hello SSaha

Thanks for your reply. The posts are from 2017, I also raised a support request in this developer forum and support person informed that the Human Activity Monitor API is not giving R-R interval and they also informed that fee developers used the Green Light HRM data to get R-R interval. Can you please confirm and provide any relevant documents that R-R interval can be recorded in Tizen 4.0 through this API.

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Thanks for the lovely solution I really appreciate