Screenshots of Watch Face Studio - second time problem

I have question for you.
Has anyone ever had the problem of being unable to take a screenshot of the watch face in the WFS app?
After the last update of win11, I do not have this option again.
Previously, running WSF in Win8 Compatibility Mode helped. It doesn’t work now.
Any ideas to solve the problem?

I use Win11 too and with me it works. Windows runs under MacOS as a virtual PC

I didn’t have time, but I just managed to check everything and set it up correctly.
Now it’s not enough that I have to run WFS in win8 compatibility mode, then with administrator privileges.
I wonder if this is the fault of the system compilation. I’m on the Insider Channel and have early evaluation versions of the system. Perhaps this is the reason for this action.

It is important that everything is OK.
Maybe this information will be useful to someone.

My WFS runs normally without admin rights and Win8 compatibility mode. I also have this version of Win 11 DevChanel.

In this view, the screeshot mode is grayed out and not available.

We have slightly different versions.

I’ll make the update and reports

I have the latest Win 11 update, just like you. WFS without admin rights started and screenshot function is available and works

Which means that another system setting causes this to happen.
It is important that everything is ok.

I guess so. No idea what settings you have made … in Windows

I got a new Windows 11 computer (not an updated Windows 10) and it the screenshot mode works. The only thing I’ve added with Visual Studio but I doubt that was needed.