Screenshots from Watch Face Studio

Does anyone know where the screenshots from the WFS program are saved (on the computer disk, in which folder)? It is about the ones generated using this option.

It saved at “screenshot” folder in your project folder.

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Can you enter the path, what does it look like for you?

In WatchFace Studio, open main menu then click preferences, see the path project location, for example: “/Users/MyName/Watchface Projects/”
So the screenshot files is in “/Users/MyName/Watchface Projects/screenshot/”

I don’t have such a folder. I only have a “workspace” and I have * .wfs files saved there, no others. Nothing more. :frowning: I have Win11 and maybe it’s system fault. :frowning:

If you try to take a screen shot on a watch it does not work (or didn’t for me) you have to toggle the watch off to enable the camera.

When you successfully take a screen shot using the camera icon it will show a link to the path

Samsung Developer Relations

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Probably this function does not work on windows 11. Something is blocking it or the WFS application is not yet compatible with the latest version of the system. :frowning:
The path setting window does not appear.

Try running WFS in windows 8 compatibility mode. It will work.

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And it always is, simple solutions are the best solutions. But they are the ones we most often forget. :laughing:
Thanks a lot Tomas [amoledwatchfaces] :+1:t2:

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How can you take a screenshot from your Watch 4 ?

@mik1586703073 As for the screenshot on the watch, you press both buttons simultaneously.
As for the screen from the WFS application, you click on the button indicated in the graphic.

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