Seller Portal Statistics Down?

I’m guessing the Statistics being down is just a temporary year-end routine?

It seems to be working OK for me today.

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Thanks for checking, Ron. Yes, it came back for me just now.

now I guss it down again. My statistics seem to be zero.

Looks like a certificate has expired:

|Common Name (CN)|*|
|Organizational Unit (OU)|Game service group|
|Issued On|Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 1:00:00 AM|
|Expires On|Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 12:59:59 AM|

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Certificate is expired for url
I still have issue to get my statistics on the main page and now the statistic section is not accesible due to certificate expired. I suppose it is very hard to do worse !

Statistic not working.

When I tried this with chrome from my home computer I got a certificate error due to HSTS I then opened edge and did a two system verification and was able to sign in with Chrome.

So either it was an verification issue or fixed while I was working or I was lucky.

Try it and if you still have an issue please notify the Seller portal 1:1 and I’ll notify them internally as well.

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Someone else reported it started working for them as well. It was a certificate that expired Sunday midnight. I suspect now that when I opened it with a different browser it forced a cache update.

If it still isn’t working try holding down Control and click on refresh to clear caches.

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