Server Error on IAP

Hi, I just implemented the IAP to my Samsung App and I can’t complete any IAP with the message Server Error (Error: S6011/P/98GWF)

I can’t find this error code anywhere…

I asked the Galaxy Store Ops team and they asked if you can take a device log when you see the error.

  1. Recreate issue
  2. Dial *#9900#
  3. Run dumpstate/logcat
  4. Copy to sdcard(include CP Ramdump)
  5. Find log file in “log” folder of internal storage and share

You can share it here or create a Developer Support Request and let me know the ticket number. I can share that with the Store Ops team so they will get it quicker.

Samsung Developers Relations

Here it is, let me know if that helps

Hi r.liechty_SDP,
In addition to passing the log here, I also made a request to support, the ticket number is: 46634

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Did you get a response in the support system?

Are you in Brazil?

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, I’m in Brazil. The support only informed me that they are analyzing it.

I thought so the No Server error message was Portuguese :slight_smile: This may take a while to debug.

Samsung Developer Relations